Our organization serves Monterey County seniors through the tireless work of our staff and volunteers: 

                           ...OUR ATTORNEYS...

Kellie D. Morgantini ~ is our Executive Director and Directing Attorney. Kellie, a native of Southern Monterey County, attended Monterey College of Law and has been on Legal Services’ staff since 1998.

Andrea Maroney ~ Our Monterey Peninsula attorney, Andrea has a background in probate, Small Claims Appeals and is a main advocate for our probate guardianship program.

Natalie Herendeen ~ Natalie, based in our Salinas office, also provides our outreach services each week to the South County cities of King City, Greenfield, Soledad and Gonzales. 


Victoria Flores ~ is the senior paralegal for the Salinas office. Victoria, bilingual in English and Spanish, provides oversight to our Southern Monterey County advocates.

Yvette Vazquez ~ bilingual in Spanish and English, is a paralegal in our Salinas office. Yvette is also our outreach advocate for South County and Castroville (North County) outreach sites.

Jerennina Piguing - Jereninna is bi-lingual in Spanish and Tagalog. Jerennina serves as a legal advocate in our Monterey Peninsula office as well as South County Outreach advocate in Soledad and Gonzales. Jereninna is a law school student currently attending the Monterey College of Law.

Derek Bausek - Derek, a legal advocate in our Monterey Peninsula office, is the newest addition to our LSS team. Derek has abackground in court and civil mediation and, like Jerennina, is a law school student currently attending the Monterey College of Law.


Philip Geiger, Development Director ~ Philip brings his expansive knowledge of the County and its' residents to bear in his fundraising activities for LSS. Philip has been successful in bringing new fundraising campaigns to LSS, such as our yearly Give & Get Luncheon held each November.

Nancy Miccoli, Office Manager ~ Nancy has over 20 years experience in management and business development in in our local real estate, accounting and title industry.

We couldn’t get along without  volunteers who also give their time to us like Pro Bono Attorney Elisabeth de Bartolo and receptionists Jeannette Little Crow,  Charlene Napolean and Carrie Crook.